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Motivation is one of the keys to success. With it, we can take on dreams and overcome obstacles and get things done. Without it we end up with unfulfilled desires and hopes.  It is an essential part of any self help program.

From giving up smoking to starting an exercise program, motivation is a huge factor in our success. The more we know about motivation, the more likely we are to succeed.

There are only two kinds of motivation when you get right down to it. Only two ways to motivate yourself that make a difference. Positive and negative.

That's right. There are only two kinds of motivation when it comes down to it. One is negative motivation. We are all familiar with this kind of motivation, about avoiding a negative consequence. If you don't go to work, you'll get fired. If you don't do the grocery shopping, youll go hungry. If you don't save money to pay the rent, you'll be out on the street.

That is negative motivation. We were raised with it. It is the threat of something bad happening to us that gets us to act. There is nothing wrong with negative motivation. It can help us give up smoking. Picturing clearly the lung damage we get from every cigarette can negatively motivate us to curb our intake. However, negative motivation is de-energizing. Sure, well go to work, but well drag ourselves in and be miserable.

Positive motivation is also very useful. You may hate to get up at 4AM. But if you are going to catch a flight to Hawaii tomorrow, you wont mind getting up at 4am at all. You'll likely hop out of bed. When we WANT to do something, we get all excited and enthusiastic. Positive motivation comes with energy and will power.

It takes a little practice, but you can learn to positively motivate yourself to do a lot more things in your life. Think of how great it'll be when you fulfill a dream, like writing a book. As you think about it, the positive energy can start to fill you to the point where you want to get started. If you are stuck and blocked in some area of life, think of positive results and see if it helps you take action.

Taking action is the key. You can take negative action, grumbling and groaning all the way, or positive action, with a spring in your step. It's up to you. Try more positive motivation, focusing on the good outcome or fun parts of any task, and see if it doesn't help you take more positive action.

Action Plan

Pick something that you drag yourself to do now.

Think of a positive you get from doing it.  If it's going to work, for example, what is something you enjoy at work?  Meeting a colleague?  A cute coworker?  Getting projects done?  Focus on that for 5 minutes as you prepare for work, and see how you feel!  Check out the links below for more:

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